Pricing listed is for a 24 hour period. Ex. set up requested at 10:00am Friday morning can be expected to be removed by 10:00am Saturday. If extended rentals are desired please contact us for pricing and availability. All charges are for time items are out, not time items are being used. State sales tax will be applied. 3% convenience fee will be applied to credit/debit card transactions.

Minimum Order:
A minimum order of $50 is required for delivery items (delivery charge is not included in the minimum order amount).

Non-refundable reservation fee of $50 deposit due at time of booking. This is used to guarantee rentals will be available. A Rental Agreement will be sent via email for the customers reference. Remaining balance of rental will be due at time of delivery and set up. The Rental Agreement will also be presented for signature at this time.

Cash, Check or Credit card Accepted (3% convenience fee will be applied to credit/debit card transactions)

Damage Waiver:
The customer is responsible for all rental items from the time Hoeft Party Rentals staff has completed rental item set up to when Hoeft Party Rentals staff has arrived to collect rental items.
Items that are lost due to theft, damage caused by misuse or abuse (eg. vandalism or irreversible damage during decorating) are the customers responsibility. Replacement cost will be charged to the customer.

One week prior to your event Hoeft Party Rentals will contact the customer for confirmation of delivery. This will include the date and time of delivery and tear down, and verification that remainder of payment will be collected at delivery.

Tent Installation:
Tent sizes 20x30 requires a space 32x42 for installation whereas the 20x40 requires a space 32x52 for installation.
Stakes for the installation of the tents will be driven into the ground 3-5'. If underground utilities or water lines (ex sprinkler system) are present and less than 6" below the surface the customer is required to mark those utilities or let Hoeft Party Rentals know location at time of setup.

Inclement Weather:
Tents are temporary shade structures, not storm shelters. If there is severe weather during or before your event, collapse tent, place poles (and rental tables if you have them) on top of canopy and call Hoeft Party Rentals. Hosting a party is stressful enough, don't let weather bring you or our tents down.

Terms subject to change without notice.